Feedback & Badges

It is important for your children to feel a real sense of acheivement when they have done something outstanding in the water.

Feedback forms will be presented to you by the teacher at Easter, Summer and Christmas. This will allow you to see how your child is progressing and help to give you an idea of what your child needs to practise to become a stronger, more confident swimmer. If you require an update on your child’s progress before this time please just ask. We will happily send one to you. Alternatively, you can ask your teacher for a quick update on their progress after the lesson. (Please bear in mind our classes run back to back and your instructor may not get a chance to talk on some days).

The badge and certificate prices are included in your termly fees. Your child will receive a certificates when they achieve the level they are working towards. Any extra certificates they have passed can be purchased at a cost of £3.50 each if you wish to buy them.

Feedback & Badges
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